Marshall Wace


Successful applicants share some common traits:

  • Excellent academics in a challenging course of study
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Hunger to be in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and problem-solving
  • Collaborative, team-oriented personality
  • Strong programming and/or mathematical skills (for our more technical roles)

“My move from academia to MW brought a positive shift in responsibility and pace. Throughout my 10 years at the firm I have been provided with the tools and opportunities to forge a career in Risk Management. “

John, Head of Risk
Graduate 2006

"This is an environment that fosters and encourages thought, initiative and action. I have friends who joined larger finance and tech companies after university and subsequently spent their first two years working on projects that had little or no impact, which is the complete opposite to my experience at MW."

Sufian, IT Developer
Graduate 2010