Our Values

Values & Culture

Our Values

What brings us together
sets us apart


We forge relationships built on positive impact and results

That means our clients are our priority – everything we do centres around delivering successful outcomes for our investors. We combine our investment strategies with high-performance habits to continuously seek alpha creation.


We believe in the power
of our team

Our people work together to make extraordinary things happen. We share our ideas, skills and knowledge so that great ideas can flourish. Everyone has a role to play and every role matters.


Transparency is at the core
of our business

We are committed to acting with integrity, accountability and fairness in everything we do. We have a robust moral and ethical code that's applied rigorously across all areas of our business.

A force for good

We are inspired by social responsibility

Individually and collectively, we look for opportunities to contribute to society through charitable and support initiatives. We wish to set ourselves ambitious, measurable and data driven corporate responsibility targets.