Group Accounting

The Group Accounting team undertake a wide ranging, diverse set of functions to deliver value to the firm- roles and responsibilities are extremely broad and touch on almost all areas of the business. A principal function is the production of the group’s accounts across multiple regions, regulatory regimes and structures. From that basis, the team deliver detailed reporting and analysis to the partners of the business, with a comprehensive suite of data across all functions enabling queries and ad hoc requests to be dealt with effectively. Control is a critical element of the role, as we have responsibility for the group’s entire financial function- managing FX exposure, investments and cashflow to ensure the business is running optimally. As with other areas in Marshall Wace project work and innovation are ever present facets of the role, and we constantly strive to refine and automate processes, whilst focussing on control and production of the highest quality financial content.

This internship pushed me to learn something new everyday and opened my eyes to cutting-edge technologies I'd never used before